Ex-staff of Nigeria Airways in prayer session over unpaid entitlements

At the beginning of every new year, people gather at different places and times to pray God to grant their heart desires which vary from individuals and groups. The story was the same with former workers of the defunct Nigeria Airways who are yet to collect their severance benefits many years after leaving service.


Described 2014 as a year liberation, the former workers are of the belief that their severance benefits would be paid to liberate them from their sufferings of many years.

The retirees and pensioners of the airline held a prayer session to this effect in Lagos.

They gathered to seek God's intervention in the non payment of their severance benefits.

The former workers of the old national carrier, who are now in their 60's and 80's, looking frail could barely raise their voices to say “Amen” to the Pastor's prayer.

As many of them as could attend the prayer session said life without the payment of their entitlements had not been easy. However they had the belief that God can never fail them hence they decided to seek Divine intervention in their plight.

“We have tried every avenue, we could not achieve anything, so the only avenue we know now that cannot fail us is to go to God.”

The former airways workers noted that after the liquidation of the airline in 2007, their colleagues outside Nigeria were paid their 25 years severance benefits in full but only got 5 years due to the efforts of the then late President Yar'dua.

Mr. Wilson Iyoha and Captain Dele Ore are of the view that the liquidation of the airline was the greatest mistake of the then Obasanjo administration.

“When the government of this country liquidated Nigeria Airways it did it in error because Nigeria Airways was created by an act of Parliament.”

“And everybody seems to be folding their arms and doing nothing about, the national assembly, the presidency, the ministry and nobody is doing a thing about it.”

“The ex-staff of the defunct airline called on President Goodluck Jonathan to save them from the agony saying that many of them had died waiting to enjoy the fruits of their sweat.

As the workers await God's intervention in their matter, they expressed the hope that this year would not pass them by without their severance benefits settled.

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