BRT workers' shun work in Lagos

(August 9, 2016) Thousands of commuters waiting for the blue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses were stranded at various bus stops across the Lagos metropolis on Tuesday as the buses were not available. The commuters could not say the reasons for the non availability of the buses.

The BRT workers in their official uniform who who abandoned their duty posts were however seen outside the office of Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) in Majidun, Ikorodu which also served as the garage for the buses.

Armed security operatives were also seen at strategic spots around the Ikorodu LAMATA office which also serves as a garage to ensure their was no breach of peace.

Meanhile, there were insinuations that the BRT workers have an axe to grind with their management over their pay.

The commuters' frustration at various bus stops was visible on their faces as the yellow mini bus operators had taken advantage of the situation to jerk up their fares on various routes.

When Radio Nigeria contacted the spokesperson for Primero Limited, the private company operating the blue BRT buses, Mrs Agbaje, she said it was not true that the workers were on strike.

She said that the Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Fola Tinubu was at the time of this report, addressing the workers on the matter.

"the workers are not on strike, the MD is addresing them. What actually happened for now is not yet stated, I will get the actual information on the matter and pass it out" she stated.

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