Weekend downpour in Lagos: Government allays fears of flood

(August 29, 2016) The Lagos State Government has allayed the fears of residents over the torrential rainfall witnessed in the State on Sunday, saying that necessary steps had been taken to avert any incidence of flood disaster in the State. 

The State Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare, in a statement on Sunday said that intensive tour of some flood prone communities in the state had been carried out in recent times to clear up blocked drainage and canals. 

The commissioner wondered why any right thinking person would be dumping refuse on water courses and drainage created for free flow of storm water, saying the numerous campaigns against such practice were also ongoing.

“Canal is a storm water channel for the conveyance of storm runoffs, they are God’s natural protection for holding water during massive flood and it is not a place for anybody to build a house or dump refuse. Those in the habit of doing such must stop henceforth,” Adejare said.

The Commissioner said that indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the gutters had caused a lot of environmental disasters, warning that the government would no longer tolerate the building of illegal structures along channel right of ways in the state.

To this end, he said the government had since begun demolishing illegal structures and shanties erected on the drains especially in flood prone areas.

Adejare, however, urged residents living on wetlands and flood prone areas to be cautious and careful, urging them to limit their movement if possible and to move to higher ground if need be. 

He explained that it is the responsibility of government to protect lives and property, and that citizens also have an obligation to cooperate with the authorities in efforts to avert any disaster.  

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