Traffic lockdown on Lagos-Ibadan expressway

(September 9, 2016) It has been bumper to bumper on both sides of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on Friday as motorists and commercial vehicle operators contend with heavy traffic.

Those heading out of Lagos were caught in the gridlock stretching more than ten kilometers from Arepo to Berger on the Ibadan bound lane and from Ibafo to OPIC on the Lagos bound lane.

Radio Nigeria observed that some bad portions of the road on the Wawa, Arepo axis of the expressway were responsible as motorists had to slow down in the pothole ridden.

Road safety officials were on ground to instill sanity.

Next Monday and Tuesday’s public holiday to celebrate Sallah is what may have added to the volume of traffic especially as many people are travelling out of the state for the celebraton.

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