100 rooftop train riders arrested in Lagos

(November 8, 2016) About one hundred suspected hoodlums have been arrested for allegedly destroying facilities belonging to the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) in Lagos. They were arrested following attacks on Ikeja and Agege railway stations during which a baby died and scores of passengers injured.

Addressing newsmen on the incident, the NRC District Manager in Lagos, Mr. Jerry Oche said the suspects rode on rooftops of moving trains.

The rooftop riders are those  who sit on top of a moving train to avoid paying for rides.

Mr. Oche, said during a raid of the rooftop riders last week around the Agege iju area of Lagos, a baby on the back of a woman passer-by was hit by a stone and reportedly died the next day.

In a reprisal attack on the rooftop riders by the residents of the area over the death of the baby, the railway stations in Ikeja and Agege including the railway police stations were damaged

According to Mr. Oche, the train stop in these areas had to be temporarily suspended to prevent more attacks.

He said most of the rooftop riders always armed themselves with guns, machetes, knives, stones and other dangerous weapons while also selling hard drugs.

Mr. Oche explained that during another raid on the iju area of Lagos state, a combined team of armed police officers from the state command, 36 railway police, NRC task force officers and man-o-war members was deployed and which led to the arrest of about 100 suspected rioters.

Passengers injured during the raid were treated at the railways hospital.

The suspects are to be arraigned in court.

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